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The Torhaus Wehlen is a former administration building built in 1742 in the rural Baroque style, later an inn and holiday home . Since 2005, the building has been renovated by the artist Dirk Großer and used as an art venue. Events, art exhibitions, conferences and workshops take place. The building is also used as an artists residence and for rental to vacationers and tourists. The annual international OutsideIn art laboratory takes place here. In addition, the location on the former German- Bohemian border, in the German- Czech border area, should be used to promote cultural exchange trough joint art projects between both countries. the Torhaus Wehlen is the ideal starting point for exploring Saxon Switzerland in the footsteps of the romantics around Caspar David Friedrich for hiking tours in the Saxon Switzerland National Park, into Bohemia or for subsequent visits to the cultural centers of Dresden and Prague.

Stone above the Wehlen coat of arms and the year 1742

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