Docasna Zahrada, Jana Koroleva, 2017

Into the wild, travelling exhibition in the Torhaus Wehlen and National Park Center Sächsische Schweiz

INTO THE WILD with Installation "Ur" by Robert Frommberg
Collage Petra Lorenz
Magic Mushrooms, Dirk Großer

Illuminaltion fortress hill

Modell of the fortress keep

The Illumination Fortress Hill Wehlen projekt was intended to revitalize the historic castle hill of the village by installing site- specific works of art. A wooden structure should be errected in place of the former keep in order to restore the silouette and establish the historical and tourist significance of the place. The plan failed in favor of a mock- up og the former tower comissioned by the village of Wehlen.

Below the castle hill
Illumination fortress hill, torchlight parade

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